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Kerikeri Community Fitness News


  • One of the best gyms in New Zealand. Amazing facilities, friendly staff, long opening hours and very reasonable rates. Keep up the good work everyone involved.

    Jacob Bannier

    Kind and supportive staff, lots of different options for exercise including virtual. Nice environment. The groups are my fav.

    Lynda Campbell-Harris

    Awesome gym

    Jordan Pinkerton
  • Friendly crew and no waiting time normally. Go between 2 to 3😀

    Mike Eyre

    Close and convenient. Sufficient equipment. Friendly staff. Shower facilities.

    Tahnee Pauley

    Has all the equipment ya need. Very spacious too. Staff are always welcoming and friendly. Great atmosphere!

    Fran Milner
  • Great place, quality equipment and lots of space for different workout styles! Cheers guys found my new home


    Michael are staff are just so sound...great place.. very relaxing and plenty of classes and gym equipment to keep anyone happy

    patrick whelan

    Got my self registered just after my first trial. I was amazed how busy and loud it wad at 6am. Hats off to all the elders who are working out early in the morning setting an example to the younger generation. Friendly and helpful and got all those vibes makes you feel like going there again. And what makes me so much attached to the Community Fitness is "IT IS A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION" and I am so proud to be a part of this community.. Well done Kerikeri ✌️

    Shashi Kariyawasam
  • Awesome gym the workers need a pay rise

    Jordan T

    Good gym for Kerikeri

    Richard Sutherland

    Friendly team, good mixture of equipment and classes and also a child friendly area

    Emily Scott