Strength & Performance

The price of excellence is discipline.

Strength & Performance comes from dedication & careful programming from qualified instructors, who give the one on one tuition necessary, to successfully & safely complete your training at a high level, to achieve your desired outcomes.

Group Fitness

  • Les Mills Group Fitness
  • Small Group Sessions

Exercise should be fun! Discover how Group Fitness can motivate & inspire you to achieve results. Whether it’s your main attraction or additional to other training, group fitness gives you the dynamics of the group, the motivation of the music, & the expert coaching of your instructor. It’s like having a one on one workout in the best party room in the house!

Personal Training

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Small Group Sessions

Our PT’s will ensure that you get the most out of every workout! No excuses! One-on-one individual attention, motivation and expertise are just some of the things you can expect from our professional, fully trained and qualified Personal Trainers. Let one of our enthusiastic Personal Trainers help you achieve your goals... no matter what those may be.

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Sport Specific

  • Strength & Performance
  • Visualisation

Enhance your athletic performance by using programs designed to meet your sport’s demands. Whether it’s school sports, athletics, cross-fit, netball, rugby, surfing, riding, hockey, volleyball, basketball, yachting or professional anything, we’ve got the smarts that can give you the winning edge.

Functional Fitness & Cardio

  • Expert functional training advice
  • Functional group Fitness - try FIGHTfit

Support cardiovascular health & improve your athletic performance in our dedicated functional training zone. We’ve got the space. We’ve got the gear. We’ve got the expertise to get you there! Our functional training space is second to none & our cardio range is can feel your heart rate rise just by looking at them!

Health, Nutrition & Rehab

  • Rehabilitation
  • Nutritional Advice

The team at Community Fitness have a long history of rehabilitation experience. We work with amputees, surgery and injury rehabilitation clients, diabetics, sports injury, fibromyalgia, stroke and heart attack patients. See our in house Clinical Nutritionist if you need a cutting edge nutrition or maintenance plan....or speak to any of our instructors who can guide you through the basics & get you underway to your better version of YOU!

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Flexibility & Rest

  • Meditation & Relaxing
  • Movement screening

All things in life improve with a little balance. Think Ying & Yang... The great complement to any workout or hectic lifestyle is the ability to let go, relax, lengthen and regenerate. Try our Les Mills BODYBALANCE programme for much needed muscle lengthening & meditation or, through the help of your trainer, invest time in your own stretch & relaxation routine.

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Kids Fitness & Sponsorship

  • Kids & Teen Fitness (7-13yrs)
  • Sponsorship opportunities

We believe in fostering positive gym experiences for our youth and helping increase body confidence. Unfortunately, not all of our youth are in a position to find the fees needed to join and this is where our Student Sponsorship 3 month membership comes in. And it’s never too early to start understanding your body, see us about afterschool classes for kids too young for a full gym membership.